Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tough Times

In this economy individuals with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) are being disproportionately impacted. First of all, high unemployment means more job competition and those with AS may find themselves at a disadvantage to their more socially skilled competitors, despite having equal or greater qualifications. It is important not to let this get you down. Find ways to practice for job interviews.

Here is a run through of several critical points to consider in a job interview:

Presentation- Dress well, wear deodorant, make certain your hair looks good.

Eye Contact- Practice making eye contact, no one will trust you unless you are willing to make eye contact.

Speech- Speak clearly and at a reasonable speed. Be concise, do not volunteer more information than is necessary to answer the interviewers questions.

Posture- Stand straight up, sit forward in your chair. This will help you look attentive. DO NOT FIDGET! Make sure there are no signs of nervous behaviors.

Question- Most importantly, while being humble about your qualifications enter the interview convinced that you are the best candidate for the job. The interviewer may ask: Why are you the best fit for this position? Have an answer: I am a team player; I take direction well; I love working in this field; I am motivated to do my best; and so on. If you are not convinced that you deserve the job, the interviewer will discern this from your body language and demeanor.

Good luck and good hunting! We must keep a stiff upper lip and remember that things will improve in time. Some economic indicators are showing the beginnings of a slow recovery.

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