Sunday, February 14, 2010

Media Monday-Internet Filtering

We all know that we should monitor our children's activity on the Internet at all times, but for most of us, that simply isn't a realistic expectation. Moreover, inappropriate content can show up without any action on the part of the user through seemingly innocuous searches, unsolicited email, pop-ups, and websites that also contain legitimate content. All of it adds up to parents needing assistance. Enter Internet filtering software. These are the ones that seem to show up on most top ten reviews:

Safe Eyes

Net Nanny

Today's filters are very sophisticated and up to the task of monitoring the sheer variety of kinds of content on the web. Not only can you block specific sites and filter out sexual and violent content, but you can filter email, video, search results, keywords, RPGs, email, and social media. Safe Eyes is also compatible with the iPhone.

The most important aspect of Internet filtering, though, is you, the parent. It is up to you to define "inappropriate content" for the needs of your child and your household. Don't rely on default settings, because they are likely to fail you and let through content of which you disapprove. They may even block content of which you do approve.

Moreover, how you educate your child will determine how well your child is able to handle it when inappropriate content does slip through (and it will). This is especially important for our Aspies. Keeping them sheltered from things they can't handle is important, but making sure they learn how to handle those things is even more vital.

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