Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TV Tuesday: Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton's recent reformulation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of girl who falls down the rabbit hole has been a box office success to say the least. The dialogue is clever and the sets, graphics, and costumes are as lush and vivid as we have come to expect of Burton's work. In short, it's a beautiful movie.

But, it is not the book. Disney's prior version (1951) of the story is far closer to the original work. Burton's retelling is supposed to take place more than a decade after Alice's original adventure in Wonderland, and is more a modern epic movie than a sequel, but uses Carroll's characters too great advantage.

This movie is not for very young children, however. It is a Tim Burton film, and like most of his work, has a somewhat disturbed quality that includes some rather creepy imagery (a field of disembodied heads, for example). And Alice spends a great deal of time having difficulty with her clothing.

It is definitely worth seeing, but the book is also definitely worth reading.

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