Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TV Tuesday...ahem, Wednesday: How to Train Your Dragon

Sorry for the delay! I forgot it was Tuesday yesterday =P

This week, we watched the latest from Dreamworks: How to Train Your Dragon, an animated tale of a young Viking misfit who forms an unlikely relationship with his people's worst enemy.

It's a charming film. Our hero, Hiccup, is a geek. He does not fit in with the other Vikings physically, intellectually, or any other way, but desperately wishes to attain greatness and recognition from his community. As a teenage boy, he would also like a little recognition from his female classmate, Astrid. But all that changes when he tames and makes friends with a dragon (these Vikings hunt dragons, because the dragons pillage Viking villages and flocks). Over the course of the movie, Hiccup not only proves himself a loyal and brave friend, but sticks to his principles, stands up for a worthy cause, exercises diplomacy, and protects the innocent.

More importantly, though, Hiccup shares much in common with many Aspies. He doesn't fit in with his peers, and doesn't know how, even though he would like to. He has lofty goals that seem ridiculous to everyone else, but lead him down strange paths to unexpected goals and interests. He has excellent analytical skills, and, when given a good context, can apply them well.

Overall, How to Train Your Dragon is an excellent film.

There is some mild use of profanity and a few jokes thrown in to amuse parents, so use your own judgment in taking younger children. Other than that, I recommend seeing it with no reservations.

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