Monday, June 7, 2010

TV Tuesday: Robin Hood

While it's fairly obvious to the casual observer that the new Robin Hood movie is not for children, I think it bears reviewing. Even though most people would not take a small child to it, it is tempting to share the classic story through the silver screen with teenagers.

Overall, I think this latest rendition is fairly well done. It strives for historical accuracy in its sets, costumes, and props and the acting is very good. Moreover, this film is a new twist on a familiar plot. Rather than simply telling the legend, Robin Hood tries to put a more realistic spin on the story by placing it in an historical context (the baron's revolt against King John Plantagenet), which I like, even if the context is watered down to be more palatable to a modern American audience.

That said, I don't think many teens would appreciate it, least of all those with short attention spans. The story does have plenty of action, but the plot involves a lot of political intrigue and detail for which most teens will not have patience. As a geek with a fascination for the Plantagenet dynasty (of which King John was one), I found the politics added a sense of authenticity to the story, but was overdone for the scope of the film. Even I wanted "less talk and more action" by the middle. In short: good movie, but leave the kids at home.

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